Summer School 2022

Solidarity, Refuge, Sanctuary: Critical, aesthetic and technological practices in migration researchThis three days will focus on the experimental Summer School Syllabus publishing project using Sandpoints & Zotero.

Location: MUŻA, Auberge d’Italie, Merchants Street, Valletta, Malta (Room: Community Space)

Schedule (all times in Central European Time – CET):

Day 1: 22 June
Part I – 10.00-12.00: Local Context

10:00: Introduction of Participants
10:30: Platform for Migration, University of Malta (Stavros Assimakopoulos, Jamie Bonnici, Adnan Hadzi)
10:45: Migration and media framing (Stavros Assimakopoulos)
11:00: African Media Association Malta (Racheal Ikulagba, Regine Psaila)
11:15: Trans-Border, From Sea to City (Daniela DeBono, Hagen Kopp)
11:45: Unfinished Art Space (Margerita Pulè)

Day 1, Part II – 14:00-16:00: Introduction to Sandpoints
14:00: Kick off of Summer School Open Syllabus by Marcell Mars, in preparation for Experimental Publishing project 2023.

Day 2: 23 June
Part I – 10.00-12:00: Experimental Publishing Context

10:00: Open Syllabi, SandPoints (Marcell Mars), Spheres Journal (Joshua Neves, Inga Luchs, Clemens Apprich)
11:00: European Forum for Advanced Practices, EFAP (Jamie Allen, Armina Pilav, Adnan Hadzi)

Day 2: Part II – 14:00-16:00: EFAP Contexts of Publication & Sandpoints workshop part II
14:00: A discussion and workshop, lead by Jamie Allen, elaborating the European Forum for Advanced Practices Workgrounp 1 experimental publishing interests, and toward the notion of the ‘fringe’ (agents, modalities, processes) of and in Europe, and beyond. The possibility of developing and experimental publication or syllabus that emerges from the Summer School sessions (e.g.: through hardware and software presented during the sessions) will be outlined.
15:00: Sandpoints part II (hands on workshop session led by Marcell Mars, as structured per previous day)

Day 3: 24 June
Part I – 10.00-12:00: Global Context

10:00: Introduction to Global Emergent Media Lab (GEM) / Feminist Media Studio (FMS)
10:30: Sanctuary, refuge and imagining safety and care (Krista Lynes, Ian Alan Paul)
11:00: Case Studies in Canada (Ishita Tiwary)

Day 3: Part II – 14:00-17:00: Case Study Border Forensics walk-shop
14:00: Border Forensics (Giovanna Reder) is conducting investigations into practices of border violence linked to the existence and management of borders. During this walkshop, Giovanna Reder researcher at Border Forensics, will present their current investigation into practices of control and aerial surveillance at Malta Airport. The starting point of Frontex aerial surveillance flights in Malta is used to unfold the existence and management of European borders and how they contribute to the architecture of impunity.

All three Evenings (self-organised/self-funded)
19:00: Dinner @Gugar
21:00: Drinks @Maori

[optional] Day 4: 16:00-23:00: Wrap Up & Excursion
16:00: Wrap up Session
17:30: Excursion To Kixott Cultural Centre (leaving from MUŻA @16:30)