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Etherpad for collaborative writing (please note pad will be deleted after being inactive for 90 days) – Please write your questions into the Summer School 2020 pad

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NextCloud / OwnCloud (collaborative repository for files)

Summer School Proceedings 20-21

Spheres Journal will be offering a platform as open container for proceedings of the summer schools 2020 & 2021, around the edition on Media & Migration. Download the ‘Media & Migration’ issue as .pdf file. In case you are interested in contributing, please contact: clemens.apprich [at]


For the Migration introduction to the local context (Day 1), please refer to the study material and local initiatives assembled by the Platform for Migration (University of Malta), and the report Connected Learning in the Higher Education of Refugees: A Critical Report. The The Cost of Non-Europe in Asylum Policy. “Smuggling: an embodied criticality” by Irit Rogoff as .pdf file. “Epistemologies of the South and the Future” by Boaventura Sousa Santos as .pdf file.

Sarobmed and Trans-Border will close Day1. Download ‘Trans-Border’ brochure as .pdf file. Spectacles of migrant ‘illegality’:the scene of exclusion, theobscene of inclusion as .pdf file. Expanding the fortress as .pdf file. Frontex in Space only available on Free El Hiblu 3 campaign. BBC podcast SOS from the Mediterranean. Teranga, how a Naples nightclub helps migrants overcome trauma. Nivin solidarity song performed by Young G Kay, produced by Aidan Sommers (Electronic Music Malta).

The X-Sprint on Climate Migration (Day 1) will be demonstrating data mining techniques. Please refer to the AMRO recordings, the Computational Cultural Publishing: Climate Emergency Sprint page, X-Sprint, TIGR2ESS, openVirus and virus & climate.

For the ‘Righting victim participation in transitional justice’ session (Day 2), please refer to the Justice Vision Brochure. Download ‘Justice Vision’ as .pdf file.

Research in Progress: The role of media discourse and NGO advocacy for marginalized populations

Advanced Practice:
1) The Didactic Wall, handbook as .pdf file.
2) Forensic Oceanography (Forensic Architecture)


EtherPad for Media Keywords.

The Media Stream for the virtual summer school will include some introductions to key terms in critical media-migration studies, and a workshopping of terms proposed by participants. For those interested in participating in the media and migration stream, please read:
New Keywords: Migration and Borders
(if possible) “Introduction” to Moving Images: Mediating Migration as Crisis
Here are a few other resources that may be of interest to the Stream, but may not be directly addressed:
Raymond Williams, Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society
John Durham Peters, The Marvelous Clouds [Introduction]
WJT Mitchell & Mark Hansen, Critical Terms in Media Studies [as .pdf file]
Ariella Azoulay, “Understanding the Migrant Caravan in the Context of Imperial Plunder and Dispossession
Lisa Lowe, The Intimacies of Four Continents


(MAP) MALTA Documents & Monuments
(DOSSIERS) MALTA Documents & Monuments